American Vs. Japanese: Cheesecake

Happy to have produced, edited and hosted this piece on cheesecakes from U.S. Vs. Japan!

Well, I Did Try Making A Tasty Video With My Cat

Check this video in which I try making a Tasty video with my cat. Some may say it was just an excuse to film with my pet; they may be right…

This video was filmed by me in collaboration with Tasty producers for Tasty at BuzzFeed. It was pitched, edited and hosted by me. Enjoy!

Homemade Vs. Store-Bought: Pasta

Had an awesome time making pasta, producing, filming, editing and hosting this piece for BuzzFeed’s Tasty.

If you’ve never tried homemade pasta before, I hope you take my experience as inspiration to do it today! The contrasts will shake your world.

American Vs. Japanese Pancakes

Must admit it was exciting to produce, film, direct, edit and even host this super fun video. Most importantly, I got an excuse to submerge myself into the culinary cultures of two of my favorite countries.