Testing and photographing the weirdest DIY face masks from Instagram: Influencer 01

These are some of the most popular and weird DIY face masks on Instagram. And face masks are not just a social media thing, they’re also very popular in many cultures, including Latin American.


To me, deciding to try these particular concoctions, is a new adventure in which the old and new school of beauty become one to teach me to love and improve my body and soul.

If you’d like more details on everything I learned about these masks and its ingredients, take a look at my Instagram! There, I not only post the pictures selected from these experiences, but also share a lot more content on wellness, self-care and overall healthy lifestyle.

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The Best Homemade Pizza by Tasty

I recently had the chance to produce, film and edit a video for Tasty on how to make the best pizza at home. Got a feeling you’ll like it.


Let’s compare homemade vs store-bought twinkies

Recently got an opportunity to produce, host and edit this piece for BuzzFeed’s Tasty. It’s but a nostalgic journey through one of America’s most iconic snacks, Twinkies!

American Vs. Japanese: Cheesecake

Happy to have produced, edited and hosted this piece on cheesecakes from U.S. Vs. Japan!

Well, I Did Try Making A Tasty Video With My Cat

Check this video in which I try making a Tasty video with my cat. Some may say it was just an excuse to film with my pet; they may be right…

This video was filmed by me in collaboration with Tasty producers for Tasty at BuzzFeed. It was pitched, edited and hosted by me. Enjoy!

Remembering One Of My First Solo Stories: The Face Of Hunger Among The Rich

I can’t believe it’s been more than three years since I ventured into the streets in search of these characters, those stories.

It’s such an amateur project. Oh, it totally is. But it is still the most meaningful and important to me.


Homemade Vs. Store-Bought: Pasta

Had an awesome time making pasta, producing, filming, editing and hosting this piece for BuzzFeed’s Tasty.

If you’ve never tried homemade pasta before, I hope you take my experience as inspiration to do it today! The contrasts will shake your world.

American Vs. Japanese Pancakes

Must admit it was exciting to produce, film, direct, edit and even host this super fun video. Most importantly, I got an excuse to submerge myself into the culinary cultures of two of my favorite countries.