Sugar Wax Full Body Challenge FAIL

OMG, this hurts more than a heartbreak!

Full body sugar waxing, sugar peel or persian waxing sounded like a good idea for three seconds. I mean, what can wrong from making some DIY sugar wax, covering your entire body in delicious sugar wax? Well, you are about to find out!

Today I present to you The Full Body Sugar Waxing Challenge. I decide to take this Youtube-trendy waxing method to next stupidest level by doing full coverage. The entire project will conclude in a series of pictures for Instagram, including a self portrait of the entire experience.

I know The Full Body Sugar Waxing Challenge sounds pure evil but the ingredients in it are actually pretty good for you. We have the main ingredient, sugar, which is a natural skin moisturizer. It also has glycolic acid, which pretty much rejuvenates your skin. Yup, we need this shit. We got lemons. These have acid which helps with the consistency of the wax. It also rejuvenates your skin. Get me more lemons! Finally, we got water which will also hydrate your skin and bring the wax to life.

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