What’s up! I’m Brenda Blanco, a professional content creator who lives to share honest and conscious self-care videos with my girls on YouTube. 

My mission is to inspire women to grow and discover their potential by getting to know and love their true selves through self-care/self-love. That’s why, I believe that all women, regardless of their background, must have the right to accessible self-care, health and opportunities to grow.

My desire to open doors for others comes from very personal experiences. From being born and raised in inflexible poverty to being featured as one of the “Top Latina Bloggers And Content Creators To Follow Online,” I’m the cliché story about the girl who defeats the odds and goes on to experience a successful, one-in-a-million life. This time, that girl in an indigenous Colombian dominated by the desire to share her message, “It all starts with self-love.”

My professional life presents me as a multi-media specialist, producer and video strategist with a background in journalism and over 8 years of experience in the field. My work has been published at Univision, BuzzFeed, Tasty, Tyla, Unilad and more. I once launched and developed the largest page in Spanish in the world on Facebook, Bien Tasty (Nope, it’s not #1 anymore). I produced shorts and series for BuzzFeed and Tasty. But most importantly,  I took a hilarious video selfie with Ed Sheeran, got a kiss on the cheek by Bill Murray, a compliment from Khloé Kardashian and Stephen Colbert, shared an elevator with Tony Hawk and was surprised coming out of an elevator by Meryl Streep, Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. I know, name-dropping people be like.

Personally, I was born a storyteller and witch. I have 15 years of solid experience as a soulmate to my incredibly handsome Colombian husband, 15 years as well as a cat lady, and 25 years as a fitness-beast wannabe. Emphasis on “wannabe.”

When I’m not hugging my husband and kitty, biking, running, meditating or performing rituals by the sea, I spend my time obsessively trying to figure out how to to craft stronger and more appealing stories that grab my tribe’s attention and convey the messages that my soul wishes to share at the moment.

Those messages range from unbiased and transcending love for others and ourselves, respect towards the environment, global unity, equality, and truth – the first rule of Divinity.  In the process of sharing from the perspective of an amateur experimenter, I’ve found a vibrant and highly engaged tribe of divine women who teach me, inspire me, and are open-minded enough to learn with me.

If you’d like to learn more about my tribe, content and/or I, please feel free to contact us at carlos@enucreate.com You can also use this email if you’d like to work on paid collaborations with us.

And remember, “It all starts with self-love.”