I Used Aloe Vera On My Hair Every Day For 7 Days

Let’s talk about this piece Aloe Vera Hair Mask piece. So… My grandma and mom used to tell me that one of the biggest secrets to gorgeous hair and a healthy scalp is aloe vera gel. Whenever someone among our family or friends complained about an itchy, dry, scaly scalp, grandma would always yell, “Put on aloe vera gel!.”

As influencers discover this secret, lots of extreme and – let’s be honest – pretty ridiculous claims are being made. “Extreme hair growth in one week.” and “Ultra shiny hair,” are among few. With a few cheap editing tricks, lies and obviously stylized hair, they convince millions of gullible people that this is the most miraculous, out-of-this-world ingredient. We’ll have to test it out to find out what’s real and false about this old, yet newly trendy ingredient.

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