Is This The Best Treatment For Hair Loss, Hair Growth And Beautiful Hair? Kera Health Honest Review

Hair is, like it or not, an instrumental aspect of the contemporary human’s identity. For many, losing their hair is a devastating event with severe ramifications to their persona and status.

I’ll never forget my mother’s tears, remembering her long-hair days when she would “get her prettiest on and dance all night, hoping grandma wouldn’t catch her sneaking back in.” This is after she lost all her hair to a battle against cancer. My Mother, Yolanda, passed on August, 2020.

I can’t ignore the hundreds of comments from women and girls in my YouTube tribe begging me to find cures for their hair-loss. Some of these girls are under 16 years of age, others are above 70.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a lot of pressure in my creative life concerning hair-loss and hair-growth. And although I’m no expert in these fields – at all – I’ve started learning, experimenting with remedies and products promising a fix to these issues.

Today’s test is a product known as Kera Health. For full transparency, they sponsored my YouTube video. However, both parties agreed on allowing to tell 100% the truth about my experience with the product.

The promise

Hair growth, hair-loss reduction and healthier/prettier hair.

The KH team kindly sent me enough product to consume for 2 months. The kit consists of a shampoo, conditioner, scalp massager and supplements.

I fell in-love immediately with their shampoo and conditioner. So far, they are the lightest products I’ve tested on my hair. The scent is silently floral. The texture is like that of any other conditioner or shampoo you’ve had.

The massager is pretty much like any other in the market, using logo and its unique lime, metallic look as its differentiator. If you haven’t tried one of these, BTW, they’re great for cleaning your scalp and feel MUCH nicer than using your fingers.

Do know that lots of companies try to sell these with the promise of hair growth but there is 0 scientific evidence showing that these generate any growth.

The KH kit also comes with hair supplements. Now, I’m not a fan of supplements – period. We all know that they’re not regulated by the government, companies can make ANY claims about their “benefits” and the list of shocking, dark facts go on…

Scientists also claim that the only way genuine supplements can help you is if you have a RARE deficiency that is preventing your hair from growing or causing hair loss. But it’s pretty rare since all the proteins and nutrients needed are present in our food and nutrition styles.

But I decided to give these supplements and the rest of the kit a chance.

The shampoo and conditioner actually made my hair look shinier on its own (I tested them without the supplements prior to the full experiment. Paired with the supplements, I did not notice that much of a difference in appearance by month 1.

By this first month, I did not notice increase in hair growth or density (the amount of hair fibers).

By month two, I notice my hair is brighter and much more manageable. But, once again, no signs of faster hair growth or increase in density. As a side note, I know that my hair grows 1/4 of an inch per week/ 1 inch per month. This pattern remained constant through out month 2.

During this month, I also got a skin rash that is present as I write (1 month since it began). It not only kept spreading but getting bigger, more irritated, itchier and scary. Now, it would be terrible of me to blame KH’s supplements for causing the rash since there are so many factors that could have caused it like allergies, hormonal changes and skin care.

What I do know is that there appears to be a pretty small percentage of people who ever experience this kind of skin rashes after consuming hair supplements charged with biotin. Some anecdotal reports are found on blogs, product reviews and all over social media.

So there’s definitely a possibility that the supplements caused this rash – but it’s simply not the definite reason.

I did notice a decrease in hair shedding during the time I tested this product. But I am not saying that KH was the direct reason why hair shedding decreased. We also need to take into consideration that the biggest amount of hair shedding I experienced was during the months my mother was slowly dying. After my mom passed and I walked back into my life and began projects such as this test, the stress slowly subsided, which may have been the actual reason that contributed to the decrease in hair shedding.

There are more questions than answers generated during my trials of KH. I’m happy my hair looks so shiny, feels soft and manageable. But when it comes to hair-growth there were no results for me. Did I need more time? Or does this product simply not work? Did my hair shedding decrease thanks to KH or was it the natural decrease in elevated stress. And what the heck caused my skin rash?

I hope that these notes help you in your hair journey and product decision making.

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