Amateur Cooks Try Meal Kit Subscription Boxes For The First Time: Martha & Marley Spoon Review

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Amateur cooks try a meal kit subscription box for the first time is an experience in which my husband and I finally try one of these popular food services.

These services are supposed to make your life easier by delivering all ingredients and recipes you need to cook or by delivering fully prepared meals. But do they really make your days go smoother?

We are specifically trying Martha & Marley Spoon, a well-known service in which Martha Stewart herself picks ingredients from Oprah’s garden and teaches you –in person– how to cook just like her. Alright, Martha is not knocking at your door or personally picking veggies but her touch is definitely palpable in this service.

Since Carlos, my husband, is an absolute amateur cook and I’m 2 levels up his category (meaning, I also barely cook), we decided to test this service and see how we do based on our culinary levels.

We also went for two vegetarian and two meat-based dishes, all on the healthy-ish side, because we want to add an extra layer of challenge to a service that may not necessarily fall under such category.

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