Unboxing Martha & Marley Spoon: Is It Worth It? Plus A Discount For You

If you’ve been thinking, considering, contemplating the idea of trying meal kits, more specifically Martha & Marley Spoon, then this video is for you!

I got a complimentary box from Martha & Marley Spoon’s team themselves and, without spoiling the video, I will say it was very surprising.

Did it change my initial perception about these kind of services? Absolutely! I never tried them before thinking they were wasteful, expensive and kind of fast-food quality. Well, you’ll have to watch to see what I actually think of them now.

If you decide you want to move forward and try this service, I have a cool BONUS for your. You can enjoy $60.00 off your first four orders from Martha & Marley Spoon. Simply click here.

This means that you get $15. off per order. And no, you don’t have to buy four orders. It is simply the limit of orders to which you can apply the discount.

Full disclosure: I get a small commission when you purchase using my discount.

Hope this video and discount helps!

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