I Tested One Of The Top Healthy Shrimp And Avocado Tacos Recipe On Pinterest (Best Tacos Ever?)

Healthy food can be delicious and easy…or can it? I decided to navigate Pinterest looking for healthy shrimp tacos that were not only easy to make but delicious as well. I mean, I’m not trying to eat plain salads with sad dressings for the rest of my life!

There, at the top 5, among the most popular shrimp taco recipes sat this tempting recipe. The picture caught my attention, a vibrant, crunchy and delicious-looking taco that promised me to not only to be healthy but full of flavor.

Its title, “SHRIMP TACOS WITH AVOCADO SALSA VERDE” by Recipe Runner. I gathered my ingredients, began cooking, filming and eating… the results? You’ll have to join me in this journey to find out if we got a winner or not.

And if you wanna get mine and Carlos’ Viva Taco Holders, click right below and enjoy them! I know you will! Viva Taco Holders: https://amzn.to/2F1EerA

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