Celery Juice: This Is What Actually Happens When You Drink It For 7 Days

You heard it, you read it, you watched it, maybe even drank it. Celery juice is THE juice right now. A quick Google search brings up a list of articles and videos pointing at benefits, claims and disclaimers that incite curiosity even on the most cynical of us.

Better skin, better digestion, more energy,  a sense of bliss, better sleeping and even weight loss are among the many benefits bloggers and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts like myself claim.

The idea is that you get all those benefits and more not by drinking one glass but rather drinking for at least 7 days straight. Some people go on to drink celery juice for weeks and even months!

But is any part of this narrative true? Are we spectators at a  parade of false claims of or are we witnessing the greatest trend of all time? Tsk, tsk, the greatest old/new trend of all time!

Join me as we find out what truly happens when you drink celery juice for 7 days straight. The truth has finally arrived!

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