I Show My Real Eyebrows & Face Without Makeup For The First Time

This is the first time in 15 years in which I show my real eyebrows and my entire real face without makeup. It took me all these years to finally gather the courage to appreciate and share my real eyebrows, my face without makeup, because I allowed other person’s opinions of me to navigate straight to my soul. If this is you, in any way, whether you are not comfortable with how your arms, legs, hair, nose looks like, please watch this video and absorb it. But don’t just passively watch. I ask you to please take a deep look at yourself in the mirror and truly love who you really are. Maybe, when you are ready, have the courage to share it with the world! If you share your self-appreciation journey, not only would I love to hear and share your story on my Instagram: @millennialcleopatra. I would love for you to join forces by using the hashtag: #iWillEmbraceMyTrueSelf There are lots of young kids and adults who have lived attached to unrealistic ideas and perceptions of themselves fabricated by poor minds. Let’s show our real bodies, our real face, our true being and empower as many people as we can to do the same. Who’s in? Subscribe for more awesome healthy lifestyle and personal growth videos! http://bit.ly/2P4cd5j And don’t keep this video to yourself! 😉 Share it on social! Instagram: @millennialcleopatra: https://www.instagram.com/millennialc… Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/millennialcleopatra/ Web: http://www.millennialcleopatra.com

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